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We provide comprehensive financial advice and ongoing private wealth management solutions to a wide variety of clients in New Zealand and overseas.

Some typical clients and situations:

Get the most out of your retirement

Individuals and Families

How do you manage financial complexities and grow/protect your assets in the best interests of current and future generations of your family? How do you educate the next generation on wealth management and the responsibilities of stewardship?

Trustees of Family Trusts

How can trustees develop and implement a defensible investment process and strategy that not only ensures a successful and predictable outcome for the trust, but also protects them against investment risks?


Farm succession planning has never been easy. When it comes time to “hang up your gumboots”, who can orchestrate the wide ranging legal, tax, and financial advice you need to make the transition? How do you invest the sale proceeds to provide for you and your family’s future without the farm?

Business Owners

How do you prepare a business for sale so it realises its maximum value? Who can you trust to help negotiate the best possible outcomes? How do you invest the sale proceeds to provide for you and your family’s future without the business?

Unexpected Wealth

Unexpected Wealth

A sudden windfall can turn people’s lives upside down and also be overwhelming. How do you become accustomed to your new situation, work out your priorities, and live the life that you want for yourself and your family?

Charities and Institutions

There is a great deal of public money in institutions and charities managed by trustees for a variety of good causes. The management of investments is usually the most difficult task and the area of greatest legal vulnerability for trustees.

Professionals and Executives

Many successful executives and professionals have to fund their retirement from a high savings rate as their income peaks late in their careers. How do you determine how much you need to save, when you can safely retire, and what the optimal investment strategy is before and after retirement?

Loss of Partner

The loss of a spouse or a relationship break-up is a traumatic event in life. At such difficult times, many people find themselves forced into making complicated financial and legal decisions for which they are unprepared or uncomfortable making.

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made!

One of the most important decisions I have made in my entire life was to pass responsibility for managing my initial very small pool of extra cash to Jacob Wolt of Cambridge Partners (BNL). This has now become a respectable accumulation of wealth and I haven’t had to concern myself with owning rental properties’ and unreliable tenants, second guess the share market and get annoyed at low bank interest rates. I have been able to get on with what I’m good at and enjoy, running my own business.

The team at Cambridge Partners have proven to me that I can trust their decision making and their researched proven methods of investment and funds management.

They have kept my capital safe by regularly assessing and reviewing my capacity for risk, and have consistently delivered appropriate returns. This has encouraged me to make a regular contribution to the pool of capital and so develop a good savings attitude and discipline. When you see the quarterly increases in the funds under management it stimulates you to want save even more.

Cambridge Partners have provided me with a forecasting wealth creation model that has enabled me to relax about work and life balance, and the quality of lifestyle I will be able to afford when I choose to retire. They have done the research and confidently forecast for me the future scenarios of wealth required to fund future lifestyle options.

Cambridge Partners have taken a genuine whole of family and whole of life interest in us. They have provided professional guidance to structures for appropriate wealth ownership and options for family distribution in the future. The show an interest in you at each stage of your life, even in the grave.

I have found all the Cambridge Partners team to be people of integrity, professional, personable, fun and interesting.

- Graham Ewing

Excellent Reputation

Having known some of the principals of Cambridge Partners Ltd for many years both personally and professionally, and knowing the excellent reputation the company has, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of my clients or associates.

- Patrick Costelloe LL. B, Malley & Co Lawyers

Personal Trust, Personal Approach

Cambridge Partners were recommended to me by my mother, who had been their client since 2005. It was a difficult time for me due to bereavement and relocation, but the thing I remember most about my first interview with Andrew was just feeling huge relief.

I really appreciated his personal approach and he had lots of suggestions and contacts which were really helpful. We still talk regularly, usually about things like where I want to be in a few years’ time, what we’ll do if an unexpected event happens, and what’s important to me.

Thanks to Andrew I’m a lot more comfortable with where I am now, and feel that I have control over my financial situation. I don’t worry about money that much.

- Ann

They Speak My Language

The most important thing Cambridge Partners has given us is comfort. The offer a strategy that they are able to back up with research – and they speak my language.

Our adviser Scott and I sit down regularly and check to make sure the strategy is actually working, and how it is affecting our long term plans. We’re a long way off retirement age yet but conscious that life will change. So the cashflow modelling tool that CPL use has been really helpful – it gives us comfort to see the projections.

The thing I value most about CPL is their independence – the client is the only boss, so I know the advice the give is the best for us.

- Ross and Claire

We’re in This Together

I wanted to retire early and was looking at having a base for financial independence. That opens up the door to what I really want to do. So my CPL Adviser Todd spent a lot of time with me talking about timing and the choices open to us.

I found this really helpful because it literally covered everything – provision for healthcare, powers of attorney, insurance, wills – it was great to have this all sorted in one place.

Now I have a plan which also takes into account things like market fluctuations and provision for care as I get older. This has given me peace of mind and a structured plan for the future, so I can sleep at night.

Todd is almost like a business partner to me. It feels like we’re on the journey together.

- Wayne

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