Investing for United States Citizens

We help you navigate the complexity to comply with the investment landscape and tax codes of two countries simultaneously.

Specialist Expertise

Investments Across Borders

The United States is one of the few countries that base tax obligations on citizenship status rather than residency. We specialise in helping US clients navigate the risks and complexities associated with managing investments across two tax jurisdictions.

Cambridge Partners has been in business since 1994, and has over 15 years of experience working with American citizens living in New Zealand and overseas. We want to ensure your financial transition to New Zealand is as smooth as possible and provide clarity and confidence about your financial future.

US and NZ

Creating Certainty

How we help

Our first step is to develop a financial plan that provides recommendations for efficiently structuring and managing your financial affairs going forward. We then partner with you to implement the recommendations, provide ongoing advice support, and regular reviews of your financial plan.

Common pain points for US citizens include:

We also work alongside other professionals, such as tax accountants and lawyers, where required.

Cambridge Partners does not provide NZ or US tax advice or file NZ or US tax returns. Where required, we work in partnership with our network of US-NZ accountants and US-NZ legal advisers to ensure the holistic requirements of our clients are met.

Tailored Solutions

Evidence-based, tax-efficient investment options

Our investment solutions for US citizens incorporate:

We can also manage US retirement accounts on your behalf.

Navigating complexity

Ongoing portfolio management and support

Cambridge Partners provides a premium wealth management service to our US clients.

Meetings can be conducted in person, or via video call using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

As an American living in New Zealand you cannot simply ‘set and forget’ your financial affairs. Each stage of life can bring events that add layers of complexity to financial planning and require careful consideration. Common examples include:

Collaborative Approach

Professional Network

Our US Client Services team works in with our well-established network of US-NZ accountants and US-NZ legal advisers to ensure the best outcomes for you.

This collaborative approach ensures that we deliver the best outcomes for you, addressing your unique financial needs and providing expert guidance throughout your journey.

US Client Services Team

Financial Adviser

johnny sharland

Johnny financial adviser at cambridge partners

Associate Adviser

Hannah Meikle

Hannah headshot cambridge partners

 CEO, Principal & Financial Adviser

James Howard

James financial adviser at cambridge partners

Client Services Manager

Tracy Willetts

Tracy at Cambridge Partners

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