Team Spotlight: Client and People Experience Manager, Anja Clarkson

Anja Clarkson Team Spotlight

During Sorted Money Month, we are showcasing our talented team and our different job roles at Cambridge Partners. Can you ‘Push Pause’ to see if a career in investing could be something for you? We would love to see more wāhine enter the financial services sector. At Cambridge Partners, our amazing wāhine thrive in the progressive learning environment, and all roles have pathways to advance your career. This week we’re spotlighting our Client and People Experience Manager, Anja Clarkson.

Anja bridges two crucial areas of our business: our clients and our team. Upholding Cambridge’s core value of ‘People First’, she champions our Client Experience (CX), striving for seamless and positive client interactions. For example, architecting how new prospects engage through our website, arranging client events, reviewing client communication, and collecting and reviewing client feedback.

In addition, she delves into the Employee Experience (EX), enriching the work environment, culture, and processes to elevate team engagement and satisfaction. Whether it’s integrating a new team member, arranging team-building events, supporting in-house training initiatives, sharing weekly communications, or addressing business challenges, Anja aims for solutions that empower our team to serve clients in the best way. She works closely with members of the team including our Head of Advice, Client Services Team Lead, Head of Marketing, Compliance Manager and IT Manager. After all, a happy, well-functioning team will lead to delighted clients.

A day in the life of Anja

Morning Routine


She starts the day with a large Flat White and review of emails, priority tasks and any ongoing projects.

Client Meeting:

She joins one of our Advisers in their Client Meeting for an understanding of the questions clients are asking. Common themes can inform more effective ways of communicating with our broader client base.

Review Employee Onboarding Process:

Anja reviews the current onboarding process for new hires. She identifies areas for improvement and notes feedback from recent new hires.

Weekly Bulletin

She gathers information from all departments and combines them into one weekly statement to ensure everyone in the team is informed about ongoing initiatives and projects.

Afternoon Routine

Collaboration with Marketing:

Anja meets with the marketing team to align client communications and ensure consistency in messaging across all touchpoints.

Brainstorming Session:

She leads a brainstorming session generating ideas for team-building activities for the upcoming quarter.

Lead Journey Analysis:

She dives deep into the lead journey analytics, spotting trends and areas where the firm can improve its interactions.

Team Event Booking

Anja wraps up her day by confirming a booking for an upcoming team social event.

Skills for success in this role

This role requires a wide-ranging skill set:

  • Strong analytical skills for assessing feedback, reviewing onboarding processes, and analysing and architecting experience journeys.
  • Communication is at the heart of the role, necessitating both written and verbal expertise to facilitate meetings, align with key marketing messages, and consolidate weekly updates.
  • Organisational expertise is a must. Co-ordinating client events, team-building activities, and managing multiple ongoing projects.  
  • Collaboration.  Anja frequently liaises with various departments, from marketing, advice, compliance and  IT.

Lastly, a genuine commitment to the firm’s core value of ‘People First’ underscores the importance of empathy, understanding, and a focus on bringing together both good client outcomes and employee happiness.

31 August 2023

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