Team Spotlight: Chief Operating Officer, Fiona Davis

Fiona Team Spotlight

During Sorted Money Month, we showcase our talented team and our different job roles at Cambridge Partners. Can you ‘Push Pause’ to see if a career in investing could be something for you? We would love to see more wāhine enter the financial services sector.

At Cambridge Partners, our amazing wāhine thrive in the progressive learning environment, and all roles have pathways to advance your career. This week we’re spotlighting Fiona Davis, our Chief Operating Officer (COO). Fi comes from a background as COO, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Operational specialist in Technology and Corporate Franchising businesses. This experience gives a unique approach to creating a robust Operational Engine for our Wealth advice firm.

Her day is dynamic and filled with various responsibilities aimed at overseeing the operational aspects of the business.

Day in the life of Fiona


How it Starts The earlier, the better! Fi is an early riser and usually gets in some form of exercise and meditation before she gets into the office. She is a big believer in this routine to set her up nicely for the day with her teams.

Review Metrics & Dashboards In her role Fi surrounds herself with metrics and dashboards. Reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and insights from the business is a daily process to assist with solving issues and identifying opportunities.

Operational Standups One of her primary roles is to ensure the smooth functioning of various departments. With a background in technology businesses, Fi operates daily standups as a preferred method of interacting with all her teams. These daily standups enable quick decision-making, encourage better task prioritisation, and enhance team productivity.


Cross-Functional Collaboration The middle of her day is often filled with meetings involving various operational functions. She could discuss cross-functional initiatives, process improvements, resource allocation, and other matters requiring team collaboration.

Problem-Solving As a COO, she is the go-to person for tackling operational challenges. Fi spends time brainstorming solutions, troubleshooting issues, and making strategic decisions to keep the company on track.

Lunch & Team Connection Fi is a very people-intuitive COO. She regularly seeks insights and input from all members of the business and always likes to connect with the team and gain information from all different directions. Connection on a personal level is crucial in gaining valuable perspectives.


Team Development A crucial part of her role is fostering a positive work environment. Dedicating time to team development and mentorship is something she is passionate about. Fi believes in nurturing talent and helping her team members grow. This might involve coaching sessions, training, or one-on-one meetings.

Project Reviews Oversees ongoing projects. She meets with project managers to get updates on project statuses, addresses any roadblocks, and ensures that projects are on schedule and within budget. Fi likes to get into the nitty gritty of problems to understand where she can best assist.

Innovation and Pulling it Apart The COO role is heavily involved in long-term planning. Fi reviews market trends, competitive analysis, and potential growth opportunities. She regularly encourages teams to “Pull Apart” Problems and think outside the box. Carving out time for her and the team to discuss and brainstorm is a regular occurrence within Cambridge Partners.

Late Afternoon:

Reviewing Financials Fi spends time reviewing financial reports, budgets, and forecasts. This helps to ensure that the company’s operations are financially sustainable and identifies areas where cost efficiencies can be achieved.

Preparation for Next Day As the day winds down, Fi wraps up loose ends, ensures any urgent matters are addressed, and sets priorities for the following day.


Down Time Fi has a busy home life and busy Teenagers. She squeezes in running or strength training to finish out her day, Fi rarely sits still. But the evening is for family and she reminds herself that work emails will be there in the morning.

It’s worth noting that a COO’s day can be pretty fluid and unpredictable, as urgent matters or unexpected challenges can arise anytime. Flexibility, adaptability, and strong communication skills are essential for effectively managing the diverse responsibilities that come with this role.

31 August 2023

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