A proven formula: Your personalised Financial Plan

A professionally developed plan is the best way to ensure your financial, lifestyle, and personal goals are achieved – now, and into the future.

How we structure your plan

Our highly experienced advisers look to understand your values and goals, identify your specific needs (present and future), and work with you on the ideal investment strategies and financial decisions for you and your family.

Your plan can be altered over time as your situation changes, but it will always act as a compass for your decision-making and give you the peace of mind that you are in control.

Putting a plan together as a couple, or even as a wider family group, is also an excellent way to ensure everyone has a shared understanding and appreciation of the lifestyle and legacy you are looking to achieve.

The Power Of Professional Planning:

The evidence is very clear – people who build a financial plan with a qualified adviser are significantly better off than those that do not.

A recent study by the New Zealand Financial Services Council found that, on average, people who receive professional financial advice:

  • Have 50% more in their Kiwisaver
  • Receive 4% better investment returns
  • Save 3.7% more of their earnings
  • Travel six times more frequently
  • Report twice the level of ‘financial wellbeing’
  • Report higher levels of general wellbeing

While it’s not always easy to appreciate the power of seemingly small percentages, an average 4% per annum increase in investment returns can make a life-changing difference over a period of years.  This is what 4% per annum looks like in dollars: 

Source: Financial Services Council, 2021

Building Your Plan With Us:

Cambridge Partners’ planning process is staged so that you are able to gain an understanding of what we do, and how it can work for you, before you commit to becoming a client

Some people want to move quickly through this process, and others want to take time to consider their options. It’s entirely up to you.

We start with a no-obligation ‘discovery meeting’ – always an interesting and valuable experience, regardless of whether you move forward or not – and then follow the process outlined below:  

Developing a plan is a highly personalised, enlightening, and very often an exciting process. If you’d like to hear from some of our current clients, our testimonials are available below.

Ready To Start Your Plan?

If you feel you’re ready to begin developing your financial plan, please Schedule A Call or get in touch via email. One of our advisers will answer any questions you have and (if you’re happy to proceed) look to set up an initial no-obligation discovery meeting to get your plan underway.  

We look forward to meeting you.

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