October is Carbon Saving Month at Cambridge

Even though we all know we need to do more to help reduce waste and carbon emissions in our work places, often nothing happens until some brave, committed soul steps up.  In our case it’s Senior Paraplanner Georgie Lang who has taken the lead – and is doing a superb job in helping ensure we all ‘walk the talk’.

Georgie’s commitment (and a little bit of nagging!) have ensured that we now all use our own coffee mugs, not single-use takeaway cups, when we pop down for our mid-morning caffeine fix at our favourite local café.

Now she’s taking us to the next level by making October Carbon Saving Month at Cambridge Partners, starting with how we get to and from the office.

“When I started looking into what areas offices can look at terms of sustainability, one of the key aspects in terms of reducing our carbon footprint is how people get to and from work,” she explains.  “So I talked to the team and we thought ‘let’s have a go at seeing if everyone can make some changes for the month of October’.”

Georgie has set up a Commuting Challenge Board so staff members can track what they’ve been doing.  “Many of us are ditching our cars and travelling to work by bus or bike, or car-pooling.  We’re only into the second week, but interest is definitely growing.”

So committed to sustainability is Georgie that she has also started taking home all the office’s organic waste so it doesn’t just go into the landfill with everything else.  “Not such an easy task when you’re travelling by bus!” she says with a laugh.

Happily, when Georgie looked into what could be done to reduce energy use in our building, Te Uruti, the answer was ‘nothing’.   That’s because the building, with its heat exchange system and photovoltaic panels, is already exceptionally energy efficient.


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