Work and Retirement: No Longer Oxymoronic?

Work and Retirement

During the last years before we retire, we may have fleeting thoughts about how nice it would be to not work. Finally, without work there would be time for the activities that we only get a chance to do in the weekends or annual leave. But we must consider work with a glass half full approach. “What is the good stuff?” Or perhaps you could ask yourself, “if you won the lottery and money was no longer salient, would you still work?”

There is always the option of traditional retirement and doing just what the above example explains, completely leaving the workforce and enjoying the golden years, filling time with leisure activities. But there are other choices:

Graduated retirement

This involves arrangements such as working part time or taking, job sharing, or taking on casual consulting roles. This way you can still get the benefits that work provides but you also can take time for more of the leisure activities that traditional retirement is all about.


This is similar to gradually retiring but is a strategy used more commonly by those that are self-employed.

Reverse retirement

This is the concept of retiring to the workforce after being out for a long time. Maybe you were a stay at home mother and now while the last child flees the nest you are wanting to stay busy, gain a sense of purpose and social contacts. This is becoming increasingly common and is always an option.

No retirement

The superannuation age of 65 is not the age that you have to retire. You should not feel like your time is up just because of your age, as the old saying goes ‘age is just a number’. If you have more to give and love to be involved, then retirement may not be for you.

Increasingly the term “work” is moving away from what it traditionally was. There is no hierarchy or structure for what it must look like or be. Work in retirement can take form in many different types: volunteering, boutique store assistant or even a second career.

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