Paul Choi

Financial Adviser



  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associateship Diploma from Trinity College, London
  • New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5, Financial Planning and Services
Paul Choi


Paul moved to Wellington from Christchurch 12 years ago but is pleased to have made the move back to his hometown in 2019.

He has an inquisitive mind, enjoys learning how different parts of the financial markets behave and is a firm believer in using academically proven research and evidence to design well-diversified investment portfolios – rather than relying on “news hype” and other speculative methods of selecting investments.

In his role as Financial Adviser, Paul believes that it is equally important, if not more so, to have the ability to communicate with clients in an effective way. Paul’s goal is to empower clients to make good decisions and experience the best investment journey with Cambridge Partners.

Paul has developed real expertise in incorporating personalised lifetime cashflow/retirement modelling into investment plans which help deliver successful client outcomes.

Meet Paul Choi

What’s your professional experience?

I began my 11+ years career in the financial services industry at the Bank of New Zealand as a bank teller before progressing into the Private Bank/Investment division as a financial adviser.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

My favourite part of this role is becoming my clients’ trusted adviser. We define core values and goals and, together, we manage and help you apply discipline, to ensure you have the greatest chance of achieving your lifetime wealth goals.

What qualities make you well suited to this position?

My ability to demystify complex investment concepts and jargon into language that my clients can easily understand.

What do you love most about being part of Cambridge Partners?

At Cambridge Partners we share strong ethical values and genuinely care about our clients. Our investment philosophy which, is backed up by actual academic research, and our independence means that we can always put our clients’ interest first. That makes Cambridge Partners a satisfying and rewarding place to work.

How should people think about their money?

I believe everyone is entitled to have their own thoughts and opinions about money. Which is why I see my job as helping to align my clients’ views about their money with practical investment strategies that can help them achieve their objectives.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work hours?

I love spending my time with my beautiful wife Grace whom I was fortunate to marry in 2019 (hopefully she sees this). We are also determined to stay fit and healthy, so we regularly visit our local gym and make an effort to go for long walks.

Eating is also a true passion of mine, so my social outings seem to involve lots of food.

A copy of my disclosure statement is available on request free of charge.

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