Socially Responsible Investing

Investing for financial gain and doing good do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts. We offer investors a range of portfolios to allow them to express their social and sustainable preferences with their investments.

Individuals generally have three major ways of expressing their social and sustainability preferences.

Socially Responsible
For those investors wishing to express their social and sustainability preferences with their investments we offer a range of Socially Responsible Investing portfolios.

Socially Responsible Investing or SRI is the broad term for an investment approach which seeks to consider investments delivering both a financial return and a social benefit. With an SRI approach the investment managers take a proactive role in ensuring each company they invest into acts responsibly on a range of environmental, social or governance (ESG) issues.

Socially Responsible
Each of our nine SRI model portfolios emphasise environmental sustainability while targeting higher expected returns, by employing the following principles:
  • Systematically evaluate company sustainability metrics across all major industries

  • Emphasise investment in companies acting in more environmentally sound ways than their industry counterparts

  • Exclude or underweight companies based on other key environmental and social considerations, while maintaining broad diversification

  • Employ a disciplined investment process that results in highly diversified and low-cost portfolios, and is targeted at the long-term drivers of higher expected return
If you would like more details about our Socially Responsible Investment portfolio construction process and filters, please speak to one of our advisers.
As the leader of Cambridge Partners’ Institutional Advice division, Jacob works with organisations to design, implement, and manage risk-appropriate investment portfolios.
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Jacob Wolt

Executive Director, Financial Adviser
Paul is a Financial Adviser who is passionate about delivering quality financial advice. Due to his extensive industry experience, he has a deep understanding of his client’s needs and how he can help them to achieve their financial goals.
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Paul Choi

Financial Adviser
Jim has a broad range of experience in advising private clients and consulting for large institutional pension funds. He is a qualified Actuary, Chartered Financial Analyst, as well as being a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the UK’s Personal Finance Society.
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James Smith

Head of Professional Excellence, Financial Adviser
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